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Welcome. I moved to Nashville in 2001, and have be blessed to make some wonderful friends. After moving from a house in Florida, to an apartment in Nashville, I missed being able to entertain groups of friends simply due to lack of space. When I finally decided to make Nashville my home and buy a house here, I wanted a space that friends to gather and socialize in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The basement in my new house, which opens into the back yard made the perfect space, so JohnMichael's Pub was born. I have made a couple of trips to Ireland since moving to Nashville and loved the atmosphere of the pubs there. So I made my pub to resemble an Irish style pub to give the atmosphere of a local community pubs in Ireland, but of course it is not a true "Pub" (Public house) since it private place for my friends to gather. I plan to use this blog to post thoughts, ideas, recipes and a variety of other things related to my pub and the parties held there. If you see anything here that interests you, feel free to email me. I have a great group of friends that is very diverse, but I am always open to making new friends.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Scotland Day 1

As those of you who know me know, right after the Mayday festivities, I took off for Scotland. I thought I would chronicle the journey a bit with a pic and comment or two every day or so of my trip. Friday, my first day in Scotland was consumed with the drive from Edinburgh to the house at which I am staying just outside of Helensburg, with a stop for groceries and other essentials along the way. Here is a pic of me sampling a bit of Scotch on the balcony of the house over looking the firth of Clyde.

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