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Welcome. I moved to Nashville in 2001, and have be blessed to make some wonderful friends. After moving from a house in Florida, to an apartment in Nashville, I missed being able to entertain groups of friends simply due to lack of space. When I finally decided to make Nashville my home and buy a house here, I wanted a space that friends to gather and socialize in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The basement in my new house, which opens into the back yard made the perfect space, so JohnMichael's Pub was born. I have made a couple of trips to Ireland since moving to Nashville and loved the atmosphere of the pubs there. So I made my pub to resemble an Irish style pub to give the atmosphere of a local community pubs in Ireland, but of course it is not a true "Pub" (Public house) since it private place for my friends to gather. I plan to use this blog to post thoughts, ideas, recipes and a variety of other things related to my pub and the parties held there. If you see anything here that interests you, feel free to email me. I have a great group of friends that is very diverse, but I am always open to making new friends.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time Travel?

It has been a while since I posted to this blog. The winter was busy, but I am ready for spring. The St. Paddy’s day and May day gatherings are in the planning stages, and the seedlings are sprouting in the greenhouse and should be ready for spring planting.

While hibernating this winter and watching reruns of Torchwood in anticipation of the new season, I ran across an interesting website, timetravelfund.com. For just $10 you can join the fund. Eight dollars goes to provide you with an “official” certificate stating you are a member of the fund and to maintain the member database. One dollar goes into an account to make sure future legal fees are covered and one dollar goes to an investment account to accrue interest for the next five hundred years or so to finance retrieving members of the fund and bringing them to the future and to provide for the members needs in the future. The two assumptions that drive this plan is that 1) time travel will be possible in the future. 2) The current financial systems will be in place. As the website points out, $1 invested at 5% for 500 years will grow to $39,323,261,827.22. Hopefully, Thirty-nine billion dollars will still be worth something 500 years from now.

I know this may seem far-fetched, but as the website states, it is only $10. It is worth it just to have the certificate. It will make an interesting conversation piece hanging on the wall in Johnmichael’s Pub, and if I make it to the future, very cool. Since watching the original Dr. Who episodes as a child, I have wanted to be a “Time Lord” and travel through space and time, but that is the appeal of the show I guess. If there is a one in thirty-nine billion chance of this happening, I guess it is worth $10 to find out. Check out the site, and who knows, we may see each other in the 26th century.